Egypt Second Research Reactor

Egypt's Second Research Reactor (ET-RR-2) is a Multi-Purpose Reactor utilized for advanced research and development applications. This is a 22 MW thermal reactor, with a neutron flux of 2.7x1014 n/cm-2s-1.

Utilization of the reactor includes fundamental research, radioisotope production for medical, industrial, and other applications, neutron irradiation, neutron radiography and neutron activation analysis …etc.

The Reactor fuel is manufactured in an adjacent facility, the Fuel Manufacturing Plant (FMP). This is a plate type fuel element (19.75% enriched U3O8), cladded with aluminum 6061 alloy.

The Reactor, the Fuel Manufacturing Plant (FMP) and the attached Radioisotope Production Facility (RPF) represent an important development in the utilization of nuclear technology in Egypt for peaceful purposes.

Additional scientific, technological, economic and national benefits through the utilization of the reactor include:

• Researches in the fields of thermohydraulics, safety analysis of reactor operation, reactor physics and reactor engineering;

• Testing of materials used in both research and power reactors;

• Production of doped silicon through neutron irradiation of silicon ingots [Neutron Transmutation Doping Technique (NTD)]. Doped silicon wafers are utilized in advanced electronic industries;

• Gem stones irradiation

• Development of national expertise in the fields of research in reactor design, construction and operation as well as in nuclear fuel manufacture and radioisotope production;

• Contribution to the development in the fields of education, health, industry, agriculture …etc, in Egypt through the utilization of nuclear technology.