EAEA and Health

The EAEA has the capabilities and facilities required to support and broaden peaceful uses of atomic energy in medical applications. This is implemented through:

- Production of radioisotopes to be used in diagnosis.

- Nuclear analysis techniques. These include radioimmunoassay, Neutron activation analysis and tumor markers.

- Gamma sterilization of medical equipment, pharmaceutical packages and surgical tools.

- Providing technical support and consultation in the field of radiation protection to nuclear medicine centers.

- Providing consultation and services in the field of radiation decontamination.

- Radiation detection of imported foodstuff and other items.

- Creating qualified teams capable of maintaining and upgrading medical equipment and Gamma cameras.

- Design and production of measuring instruments used in nuclear medicine laboratories.

- Production of medical hydro-gels from hydrophilic polymers using electron beam accelerator. This hydrogel is used as dressings for burns and wounds.

- Study of some pharmaceutical compounds using mass spectrometry. This allows identifying the characteristics of these compounds and their thermal stability. This study is performed in collaboration with the National Authority of Pharmaceutical Control