The EAEA Information and Documentation Centre

The EAEA Information and Documentation Centre (IDC) is housed in the EAEA Headquarter and offers scientific library and information services to all staff members in the EAEA through its information facilities which include:

- National INIS Unit.

- Central Library Unit.

- IT Unit.

- Public Information Unit.

In the year 2001, a plan has been set to build a complete network to link the internet to all libraries of EAEA – IDC in order to make use of the internet to facilitate information or databases exchange. Now the American University library databases, Cairo as well as the International Centre of theoretical physics library database, Italy became available via the internet. Through this service, the EAEA researchers can have access to full bibliographic information available in these two libraries.

Now, the IDC is undergoing considerable upgrading to achieve the following objectives.

- Strengthen and promoting of the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) and knowledge reservation (KP).

- Upgrading the central library to be the main nuclear library in Egypt based on recent IAEA publications.

The activities of IDC centre could be summarized as:

• Informing the local and foreign scientific authorities about the IDC activities through brochures.

• Linking the IDC library with the (INIS) to make the up to date nuclear publications available for all researchers working in the field of peaceful applications of nuclear energy either in (EAEA) or outside it.

• Participation in the scientific data bases which are available at the digital library in the Supreme Council of Universities (20 D.B) to broaden the exchange of knowledge.

• Establishing a database for available books and periodicals in the EAEA library and updating it.