Gamma Irradiation Facility "Cobalt-60"

The Mega Gamma Irradiation Facility (500.000 Curie) is the only unit in Egypt capable of sterilizing medical and agricultural products as well as industrial irradiation research and applications. The activity of Mega Gamma Co-60 Facility will be increased (700.000 Curie) in order to meet the market demand for irradiated food and healthcare products. However, such upgrading seems to be not sufficient for the wide demand of medical companies especially those who are going to increase their export capacity of irradiated medical products.

This unit is considered one of the economic units of the EAEA that generate income and reflect cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Due to the increasing request of irradiation services in Alexandria and surrounding areas, the EAEA established another Gamma Irradiation Facility in Alexandria. This facility is at present in the licensing phase.