EAEA and Protection of Environment

The EAEA plays a vital role in protecting the Egyptian environment from radiological contamination. This contamination may result from normal nuclear activities or accidents leading to contamination of air, soil or water. The contaminating activities may be local (wide use of radioisotopes in Egypt) or crossing the boundaries (from the neighbor countries). The EAEA possesses the necessary facilities and personnel to protect the environment.

- Radioactive waste handling: The EAEA collects the Radwaste from different facilities that use radioisotopes. The EAEA safely manages this Radwaste. This includes transportation, treatment, conditioning, interim storage and ultimate storage of these wastes.

- Developing and implementing radiological analysis techniques to detect any environmental pollution. This includes measuring heavy and light metals resulting from the environment polluting industries (iron and steel, cement, quarries …etc), also lead from cars exhaust could be accurately measured.

- Mobile laboratory: The mobile lab is a car (van) equipped with the necessary radiation detectors. It is very useful in emergency cases. It can move to the area of interest to carry out the required measurements and facilitate the actions to be taken.

- Use of radiation technology to recycle plastic wastes and make use of them at the industrial level.