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Scientific Research in peaceful atomic energy applications in the fundamental pillar of the "2020 Arab strategy for peaceful uses of nuclear energy" which was developed and adapted by the Arab Atomic Energy Agency (AAEA)  to create a socio-economic and industrial development in the Arab world.

The Arab conference on peaceful uses of atomic energy is one of the ongoing AAEA's projects  for the development of human resources in the Arab  countries, the links strenthening between Arab Researchers and  the accumulation of nuclear knowledge.

In this context,the Arabic Atomic Energy Agency organizes the fourteenth Arabic Conference on the peaceful uses of Atomic Energy in cooperation with the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority in Sharm El Sheikh city- Egypt during the period of 16-20 December 2018.

Sessions of the conference includes scientific papers,as well as specialized lectures from Arab and International experts treating the fields and themes of the conference

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