EAEA Centers

The Atomic Energy Authority now consists of three major scientific centers, namely, the Nuclear Research Center (NRC), The National Center for Radiation Research and Technology (NCRRT) and the Hot Laboratories and Waste Management Center (HLWMC). Theses centers are subdivided into major research divisions.

The Nuclear Research Center (NRC)

The NRC is the oldest and the biggest research institute of the EAEA. It is located in Inshas and its activities are directed towards the basic nuclear science, reactors, nuclear reactor materials, electronic instrumentation and applications of radioisotopes in medicine, industry, agriculture, etc.

The National Center for Radiation Research and Technology (NCRRT)

The NCRRT was established in 1972 aiming to promote research and development using ionizing radiation in different fields of ionizing radiation in medical, industrial, agricultural, environmental and other applications. The NCRRT contains three major gamma irradiator facilities, namely Egypt's Mega Gamma-1 Irradiator, Alexandria Gamma Irradiator in addition to Electron Beam Accelerator. These facilities are used for sterilization of health-care products, preservation of agricultural products, industrial applications and scientific research. It also contains four research gamma irradiators.

The Hot Laboratories and Waste Management Center (HLWMC)

The HLWMC was established in 1980. Its purpose is development of expertise in fields of radioactive waste management, production of radioisotopes for various medical and industrial applications, as well as production of labeled pharmaceutical compounds that are widely used for medical diagnosis.