EAEA Chairman's Statement

Egypt had very early, the vision to foresee the importance of embarking into the atomic age, and the vital role of the peaceful atomic energy applications in her development programmes. The Egyptian Atomic Energy Commission was established in 1955. It then was developed over years to be the country's leading institution in promoting the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology in practically all aspects of human life in Egypt. This covers fields of health, food, agriculture, environment, water resources, oil and mineral resources and a good spectrum of the industry.

In the past two decades, the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA) has embarked into the implementation of big nuclear projects, aiming at maximizing the practical peaceful applications of nuclear technology. This included Egypt's second multipurpose reactor, the cyclotron accelerator, advanced irradiation facilities... etc.

EAEA Vision

The Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA) is an institution of excellence devoted to the development and utilization of nuclear science and technology for peace, welfare, safety and security of the Egyptian society.

EAEA Mission

• Conducting research to develop nuclear technology applications in fields of agriculture, industry, health, environment, etc;

• Enhancing technology transfer and development of qualified manpower to cope with the international progress in peaceful applications of nuclear technology;

• Maximizing capabilities of highly technical research laboratories and service facilities required for supporting peaceful uses of atomic energy.

Nuclear Research Center

This is the eldest and the biggest research institute in the EAEA. It is located in Inshas and its activities are directed towards the basic nuclear sciences, reactors, nuclear and reactor materials...
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National Center for Radiation

This centre was established in 1972 this center aims at promoting research and development using ionizing radiation in medical, industrial, agricultural, environmental, and other applications...
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Hot Lab & Waste Managment Center

This Centre was established in 1980. The center aims at the development of expertise in the fields of Radwaste treatment as well as radioisotope production for various medical and industrial applications...
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